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First Aid For Israel's Wounded Farms -

An Emergency Appeal For Your Support

The war in lsrael has placed immense stress  on lsraeli agriculture, threatening the country's food security. Agricultural communities near the Gaza border (Gaza Envelope) were harshly hit  on October 7th by brutal terror attacks.

Some farmers or their relatives were murdered, injured or kidnapped, evacuated from their homes and farms, or drafted into the military. Equipment was stolen or damaged, some farmlands are still under fire, and many foreign workers have fled.

The Gaza Envelope is a critical agricultural region for the country with its many organic and non-organic farms. lt is imperative to work rapidly to repair these farms and prevent dangerous food shortages. 

Who Are We?


Organic lsrael is a volunteer non-profit organi ation that is in close contact with organic farmers fa mers across the country. We have the knowledge a d experience to help the farmers in the Gaza E velope repair their agricultural farms and businesses. 


What Do We Do?

With a grant from the Wexner Foundation, our te m has already started mapping the needs of the devast ted organic and non-organic farms. The next stage i the provision of technical professional support and th repair or purchase of critical agricultural infrastructure that was damaged in the war. 


NOW! We aim for rapid rebuilding of these farm since this will have a vital impact סח our farmers, land and lsrael's national food security.This is a critical m ment in our history and swift action is needed. 
100% of donations will go to helping farmers. 
lsraeli Corporations Registration #580720076 

Donations are tax deductible in the US, UK, France and Canada 

Wartime Soil Protection

A call for critical funds at critical times!

The Israel-Gaza war has placed immense stress on Israeli agriculture. Farmers have been murdered, evacuated or drafted. Those left are struggling to tend their land amidst loss of workers and machinery. This poses an immediate risk of soil erosion and flooding in the war zone watershed, the largest watershed in Israel that flows directly into Gaza.

Watersheds flow beyond borders and without regard to war. 

The harsh winter forecasted could lead to severe flooding if crucial farming preparations are not implemented immediately.

Donations are tax deductible in the US, UK, France and Canada 

Why is it so urgent? 

Soils must be seeded in order to stabilize and hold water because without plant cover, the harsh winter storms will hit bare soil, water won't be able to infiltrate and floods will build up taking precious soils with it. In the midst of war, lack of soil protection can induce losses of topsoil resources for farmers, in addition to a serious climatic threat impacting Israelis and Palestinians living in the war zone watershed!

What needs to happen urgently?

Soil protection by sowing cover crops.

We are ready to execute a farmer support operation where a specialized seeding workforce will implement cover crops on strategic critical farmland locations to prevent soil loss and flooding. The estimated cost of support per hectare is 370 USD, including seeds, sowing machinery and labor. This is an urgent effort as the rainy season is starting.
With your support we can stabilize soil in an unstable time!


Who is leading the initiative?

‘Organic Israel’, ‘The Living Soil Center’, and ‘ReGen’, some of Israel's leading organizations on the pivotal connection between farming and climate change. 


Our team is ready to sow over 3,000 hectares immediately. This task is urgent!

Donations are tax deductible in the US, UK, France and Canada 

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