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Meet The Team

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גיא רילוב.jpeg

Guy Rilov

Organic grower from Makura Farm in 
Mount Carmel. 

Makura Farm grows subtropic crops and olives, and processes excellent olive oil. 

Guy was a team member of the international organic organization that wrote the organic ethics code.

נבו דור.jpeg

Nevo Dor

Member of a family of organic farmers with a family farm in the Jordan Valley. 

He is the owner of The Good Soil - a distribution company for organic products . 

דנה שטיין.jpeg

Dana Stein

Organic Farmer from Beit Yehoshua specializing in growing organic vegetables.

דליק וולניץ.jpeg

Dalik Vollenitch
Journalist and actor

Former chairman of the Organic Consumers' Charity

איילה נוי-מאיר.jpeg

Ayala Noy-Meir

Organic grower from Zipori.


Olive oil producer and instructor for culinary tours for chefs. 

חן און.jpeg

On Chen

Farmer from Be'er Tuvia, organic orchard grower and an exporter. 

Chairman of the lsraeli Association of Organic Agriculture. 

יעקב אדרי.jpeg

Yaacov Edri

Owner of the organic marketing network Sadot Organic Produce 

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