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Promotion Of Organic Nutrition In The National Food Program In Schools

We work with the Nutrition Division in the Ministry of Health to promote the availability of organic meals in the National Food Programs in schools.

Recently, we hosted a study tour for a team from the Ministry

to two organic farms in the Carmel Coastal area. The purpose of the tour was to introduce the participants to organic growing methods in person. The Nutrition Division of the Ministry of Health is advocating for a dietary changes that includes a central component of vegetables and fruit in the daily diet. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Ministry representatives said, "It is important that the vegetables and fruit we consume are free of toxic chemical substances".

The purpose of the tour was to get to know the organic growing method up close. In the future, the Ministry plans to introduce an organic vegetable and fruit ration in the nutrition plant of the Ministry of Education. Tens of thousands of children who receive nutrition at the critical plant will receive organic fruit and vegetables free of toxins.

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