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The Book-A Journey To The Path Of Organic Agriculture by Mario Levy

Mario Levy - The founder of organic agriculture in Israel

A Journey To The Path of Organic Agriculture - by Mario Levy A must read for every organic grower!

The late Mario Levy, the father of organic agriculture in Israel and the founder of the organization for organic agriculture, wrote this book in order to share his knowledge gained from working in agriculture. He wanted this book to be a professional review of his many years of experience, rather than a theoretical scientific book.

This book summarizes Mario's life of 95 years starting from his childhood in Trieste, Italy until he joined the the founding group of Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu in the Beit Shean Valley in 1941. His farming experience using conventional agriculture methods, with its challenges and failures, directed him to organic agriculture. As Mario Levy requested, we hope this book will be helpful to current and beginning organic farmers alike, as well as encouraging non-organic farmers to join the vision.

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